frantisek foldes

František Földeš

0944 166 502

marek haller

Marek Hallér

0948 408 016

About us

• Our company was established by a team of market researchers whith long-term experience in market research field.

• We are „market research agency“, that is focused on market research (both quanti and qualitative) and consultancy in the fields of business and marketing development.

• Core of our team is created by market researchers wiht many years of practical experience in the field of market research.

• Apart from our primary goal to bring client a deep insight into consumers mind, we also offer an added value of marketing consulting on how to transfer the research results into practical business strategy.

Our strategy

• Our strategy is to bring client solutions immediately usable for their business, not only a summary of the consumers opinion.

• It means that we offer not only research but also consultancy services on how to use the findings form the research to fulfill the business goals of the client.

Other reasons to use our services

• With our professional network of recruiters we are able to secure a research in virtually any locality in Slovakia.

• In addition to "classical" forms of research we also offer non-ordinary and unique Internet solutions - blogging platforms, on-line communities, etc.

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